Cheating program introduction

Currently only supports win7 64-bit system, and win10 19043(21h1)

The functions are as follows:
Automatically buy potions and sell items remotely without returning to the city.
Automatically add blood to take medicine, this is no interval
Automatic 21 combo combo
Automatic Daguai upgrade
Automatically release auxiliary skills
Speed up the spell casting interval
Automatic darts
Automatically pick up, pick up ground objects on the full screen (no need to move around)
Blacksmith attacks monsters in a large area. Only low-level monsters can be attacked and can be used to collect mission items
Automatic deposit bank
Bank items can be taken out remotely in the wild without consuming game mall props
Automatic commission task (as long as there are commissioned items can be automatically submitted. Convenient and fast)
Modify movement speed
Auto Battle Pet Daguai
Forced to apply for enrollment, you can apply for teams across levels
Express mail items

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